Friday, March 6, 2015


So.  February was busy.  That might be obvious from the lack of anything new here.  We traveled, a lot, spend time with dear people, spent time as a family, learned more about how to live well this life God has given us, where our heart longs for both homes.  And because it was so full, I am going to resort to bullet points.

  • We had lots of snow days.  As in 3 plus 2 already scheduled days off of school plus one kid was sick for 2 days.  Yeah, no real school rythm in February.

  • It got cold!!  As in actual temperatures being in the -15 F neighborhood.  But Elliot did find some sun!

  • The boys got to experience a classroom party in the US.  Parties here are so different.  They are parties.  In Costa Rica, it's often just a meal ordered from a local fast food place.

  • Noah and I were able to spend a weekend at Barakel helping out!  It was so fun to be back with those dear folks.  Noah helped drill ice fishing holes, run the tubing hill, teach ski lessons and do announcements.  I helped in the kitchen (which was a much warmer assignment by the way).  It was strange, it felt in some ways like we had never left, although it has been four years!
  • I got to share about what God is doing with a group of amazing women.
  • We were given a gift of a week at Missionary Training International's Debriefing and Renewal program.  What an amazing time!  We have been able to express and share how hard and wonderful the last 4 years have been, had someone to cry with and pray with, people to breath hope and life into us, all the while our kids were given the same kind of care! So very thankful!
  • While in Colorado, we got to spend time with a former student of ours (those teaching years seem like a lifetime ago!) and meet her sweet kids, husband and friends.  We were overwhelmed by the hospitality of strangers as they opened their home to us for 3 days!  

  • We also got to visit the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs.  So amazing!

  • And now we are back to Zeeland, still working on finding a normal routine, although I have my doubts about if we'll be successful


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