Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Ok, after about six weeks back in the United States, we are finding somethings different, or strange, or there is just a "hey!  I remember that!"  sorta moments.  Please understand we are not criticizing or judging, just noticing.

So, in no particular order, here are our observations:
  • You can buy precut burlap instead of finding old coffee bags and cutting them up for projects
  • The roads are so long here you need rest stops
  • Beards are really a thing right now. 
  • Flannel is in, which coupled with the beard makes for a lot of mountain men walking around
  • People are really white and tall in West Michigan
  • We all just want to sit next to people speaking Spanish
  • There is so much variety in United States.  People there are whole isles of peanut butter here!g
  • Thrift store.  A.mazing
  • People are kind, but busy.  In fact, often when you ask how people are, it's "I'm busy" and that is suppose to be a good thing
  • I can understand  conversations in public, and it trips me out a bit. 
  • This  also means that people can understand everything we say...including the kids who are still getting used to the social rules about what is appropriate to say about someone
  • There is so much space on the roads, in the parking lots, and garages!
  • The cars people drive here are completely different.  We all got excited the other day about seeing a's the first one we've seen in a month!
  • Pick up trucks...everywhere!
  • $3.86 for a tiny head of cauliflower (Amigos Ticos, eso es casí 2100!!)
  • I haven't even looked at the price for things like pineapples and mangos!
  • I have forgotten how to cook here.  The go to things I make in Costa Rica are much more expensive here.  I can't remember how to use chicken in big portions!
  • Ham is nice in soup
  • There are no microwaves in the lunch rooms here.
  • Kids get out on time from school, every day!
  • Libraries!
  • Water can be so cold coming from the tap that it hurts your teeth.
  • You can flush your toliet paper
  • Drinking fountains!
  • I have to get out the car and pump my own gas!  What?  Haven't done that in 4 years!
  • Minivans really are great
  • People need to see what God is doing in your life no matter where you live
  • You can buy anything you don't need or want in the States
  • People really think Central America is just an extension of Mexico.
  • People use the word "American" to describe only people from the United States.  Strange.
  • Banks are everywhere, and none of them have lines!
  • There is an accurate school calendar at the beginning of the year
  •  You have to check the weather at least every day.  There could be a 20 degree difference from one day to the next.
  • Kids loose mittens.  Has always will always happen.
  • People need Jesus no matter where in the world you live

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