Monday, June 9, 2014

Third Culture Farm

I woke up this morning to Elliot describing this picture to me.  Apparently he had been up a while working on it.  I wish I had recorded it because he was in rare form, full of one liners, like

"I can't draw pigs very well.  I did my best, but I tried to make it a fat pig and it just looks like a turtle."

"The ant loves God, that's why it is saying 'God help me!'"

When I asked him what the different circles were, the reply for perfect for a TCK !

"The green ones are watermelons, the red ones are fresas, and the yellow ones...they're ummmm, what the name again?  Oh, yeah, piñas!" 

Love the mix of language, and that pineapples grow right next to watermelons on a farm with a big red Midwestern barn with a pig that looks like a pink sea turtle and an ant that loves God sitting under an apple tree. 

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