Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Elliot's New Skill

For our anniversary, Noah gave me this!

He designed it and then had some guys in our little town put it together.  The story behind it is that while there have been many twists and turns over the last 11 years, we're still on the same path together, heading where God is leading.

He and Elliot went to pick it up last week and Elliot came home with this as well!

And then there was the revelation that Elliot had helped weld part of this together. Ummm, What?!? 
No, you just watched right?  No, he actually wore a welding mask, and with the help of the welder, welded the joints on the handle! 

All week he's been telling people he welded, because he knows they won't believe he really did.  And then he laughs and says, "No, I really did!! Right Mom?"

If you know Elliot at all, you will understand how exciting this was for him!!  He is constantly wanting to know how things work, how they fit together, how to make them stronger, bigger, faster.  So for him, at 5, to get to weld!  Oh, man, that was about the most amazing thing that has ever happened to him! 


  1. How fun is that!?! I love when people give kids a change to actually DO something "big"!

  2. That is just awesome! Good job Elliot!


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