Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dibs and Dabs

  • Noah's done with the school year!  We're thankful that he was able to step in and help by subbing, but we are also thankful he is done.
  •  We are putting the finishing touches on what is next for us with our mission and our new ministry.  Details will come, soon.  I promise. 

  • There is a short term team down from the US and they have been doing a VBS for the kids at LCA, and our boys have been able to participate.  It hasn't gone super smooth for our boys, but it's a good learning experience ( read:  learning how to do things even when they don't want to.)
  •  Quinn's second birthday is Saturday!  I honestly am not sure how that happened!  And yes, I caved and gave him his scooter early. 
  • I have visions of getting real up in the air fireworks to set off for the 4th of July. They make these boxes here that are full of fireworks and all you have to do is light one fuse and walk away.  Then enjoy real, live, up in the air fireworks!  Now I just need to convince Noah.  
  • Our grass needs to be mowed.  But every time our landlord goes to do it, the mower breaks.  I am about ready to go old school on the yard, with a machete!

  • We have fish.  This has been a long time coming.  But the last week of school we finally had the bowl, the rocks, the water, the food and the fish all in one place!  Quinn keeps asking to "Hold it?  Hold it?" Forrest picked out the gold one and named it Golden Eagle.  Elliot picked out the one with the red head and named it Nija Warrior, and Quinn and I picked out the black and gold one and the other boys decided it's name is Tiger.  So boy.

  •  This last weekend our landlord filled in a hole that has been a problem for months now right by our garage.  And he had help.  Although I told him I wasn't sure three boys under 10 was really a help with this sort of thing. 

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