Sunday, June 22, 2014

Birthday in Review

Quinny's actual birthday was yesterday, but we celebrated today.  Like as in all day because the poor kid couldn't handel it all at once. 

Way back in Ferburary, Quinn learned how to say "Happy Birthday to you"  only he says it "Happy Birthday to to"  And yes, it's as cute as you are thinking it is. 

We had pizza, because it's a food he puts his hands up in the air and screams Pizzzzzaaaaaa!   And then we tried to do cake.  Well, banana bread with cream cheese frosting.  And this is how it went...

Poor kid was so tired from church, and then everyone was singing and looking at him and there was this weird toy on fire and then people wanted him to touch it and then he went to bed.  Poor baby.

After his nap we did his presents, which he was way more into than the cake. 

Then more pizza and some more convincing and he finally tried the cake.  With a fork.  Oh honey!

Happy Birthday little man!!

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