Monday, October 28, 2013


So yesterday we found these at the feria.

Aren't they cool looking?  They're called uchuvas here in Costa Rica. I had read about them before, but hadn't seen them since reading, and I was excited to find them. Apparently they are also called Inca Berries or Golden Berries. 

And let me just say they are super yummy!! Sorta tart and sweet with tiny seeds.  They have some of the same qualities of a cranberry, actually.  I might try adding them to some stuffing this Thanksgiving.

After some more research online, turns out these are a super food!  They are full of B vitamins, one of the most fibrous foods out there and they have about 2 grams of protein for an ounce of berries.  That a lot for a fruit!

Always learning something new here! 


  1. hooray for fun new finds! did the boys like them? the outside reminds me of a tomatillo.

  2. I just tried these over the weekend here in Michigan! SOOOO delicious! :)

  3. They are called ground cherries as well (in the US). I had never had them until this fall and they are amazing. I made a really good pie out of them from the internet and it was super easy.


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