Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Noah's Sweet New Ride

So remember a while back when I asked you all to pray with us about a second vehicle?  Well, you guys are rockstar prayers because in July God provided money from a couple of amazing families to buy a second car!! What?!?  Yep! 

We've been researching and looking and praying for the right car and this week Noah was able to buy it!  It's a 1994 Suzuki Sidekick.  A rugged little thing, that is oh so very teal, but it will do a great job at getting him to and from camp and wherever else he needs to go. It has good gas mileage, (espeicaly compared to the 4Runner) a high clearance, and the boys think it awesome!!  It even has a Costa Rican flag on the antenna!  Sweet!

Noah works from home on Wednesdays, so he was able to take Forrest to school today with it.  And as you can see Forrest was way excited about riding in Dad's new car.

This second car means a lot for us.  It means that I can get to camp more, that the car shuffling we've had to do to get Forrest to school won't need to contiue, and it means I can get some of those all day errands done during the week.

Thanks God!! And thank you for all your prayers!!


  1. Awesomeness! We're praying about replacing our van with a better gas mileage 2nd car....could you pray with us?

  2. Will do Jolene! Is this the van you guys got last year? Or a different one?

  3. Now no fourwheeling!! :P


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