Tuesday, May 21, 2013

We's Got 'Em!


Today was the culmination of whole lot of paperwork, money, time and confusion. But it's done. After waiting in line (for an appointment that was scheduled at 8, but the office didn't open until 8:30), we sat down in a room with a lot of chairs and Thank You Jesus!! There was a TV with a mundane and not scary at all Animal planet show on about different types of sheep dog.  The boys were thrilled with it and so were we.  Noah was called to the first cubicle and answered a few more questions.  We then all got our photos taken (aren't they great?!) and then sat around at the immigration office for about 40 minutes.

See because that's what the nice man told us to do. It would take 40 minutes to get our cedulas printed. Right. 2 1/2 hours later, they were printed.  And there is always some level of confusion.  Like the fact that we didn't know where to wait for the cards.  We were waiting inside.  But apparently you are suppose to wait outside for the cards.  And then there was the "Wait, you only gave us Liz and the boys' cards...where's Noah's?"   We had to wait another 20 minutes for Noah's card, even though his was the first photo taken.

But it's done!  And in all honesty, it went very, very quickly!  Our paperwork was submitted in January and it was approved in late April.  That's super fast!  We've known people who've waited years!  Thank you Lord!!

And now we can get our driver's licensees.  But we decided to save that fun for another day.

P.S.  When I asked the boys last night what their favorite part of the day was, thinking it would be hard to find a good part of the day, Forrest emphatically yelled "The WHOLE DAY!!"  What?  Why?  "Because we got to watch the Alligator Hunter (Crocodile Hunter) in that place where we sat down and then we got to play Angry Birds and eat crackers and juice and then watch the show about the dogs and then we went to the McDonald's right by the STADIUM!"  So, I guess it was a good day after all!

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  1. What a beautiful family! =)
    So glad everything has worked out, and that Forrest was so pleased.


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