Tuesday, May 28, 2013

An Uncollection

Well good grief.  I am sure I posted here more recently than last week.  I really am sure of it.  Didn't I?  Oh well.  I have a lot of posts rolling around here in the background, but nothing ready to share with the world just yet.  It seems like everytime I sit down to write, somethinge else grabs my attention.  Like a screaming baby, or a barking dog, or buring something in the oven.  So, in an effort to keep you up to speed, I'll bullet point it for ya.

  • We looked at another school last week for the boys.  Don't think it's a good fit.  On to the next one.  Honestly, this is getting discouraging for me.  Education is expensive here...like 10 grand expensive.  Per kid.  Per year.  If we're going to be honest here, I am struggling with this.  It feels too big.  Which is silly, because it isn't, but it feels like it right now.
  • I broke down and bought frozen blueberries.  3 pounds for $12 USD.  We needed something familiar.  I think we will indulge in blueberry pancakes tonight.  With fake maple syrup, because well, $30 USD for a half a pint just doesn't work out.  

  • I taught a bilingual group of kindergartens about density last week.  Let's just said I remembered why I taught High School.
  • Quinn now eats crackers.  That's it.  I did manage to shove 3 black beans in his mouth last night and he didn't spit them out.
  • My dirty dishes are out of control.  And to think I used to grumble about unloading the dishwasher.  Ha!  Oh for the day!
  • Forrest told me a story the other day about a 17 year old who looked like he was 5 because he was a dwarf.  His name was Quanto and he rides sheep competitively.  I love that kid (Forrest, not Quanto, although I am sure he's a great guy.)
  • It took me all morning to work out the math to make ice tea and lemonade for 35 people. Good grief.

  • I looked at our orange tree the other day and realized that little green orange have just managed to appear...no blossoms, just BOOM, oranges!  Weird.
  • Rainy season has been weird.  One day it won't rain at all, and then next it will pour!  Many days, though, in the afternoon the clouds will roll in.  And we are close to 5,000 feet up, so we are in the clouds. If the windows aren't closed the cloud will come in the house.  And no, it's not just fog, it's a cloud.


  1. I have to unload the dishwasher in the morning and I have decided to be thankful for the task after reading this. I'm really not a fan of dishwasher unloading but I'm definitely more about that than actual dishwashing.

  2. I will go do my dishes with gladness after reading this. Thanks for the perspective. Does this mean that homeschooling isn't working out for you?


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