Thursday, April 25, 2013

School, Just One of Those Things

Ok.  Let's talk school.

Sigh.  This is such a huge point of confusion in our house right now.  Let me give you a bit of background.

Ok.  Forrest is 6, Elliot is  4 and Quinn is10 month  old.  During language school our two oldest were in the preschool (in Spanish) on the same campus as us.  Quinn was in my belly, absorbing all the Spanish and sucking all the life force out of me that he could.

Now that we are working at Robleatlto, we are facing all sorts of issues with school.  We decided to home school this year because we didn't know what any of our options would be.  And, just to complicate things a bit more, we decided to do this homeschooling on the Costa Rican school calendar, from February to December. now, we are realizing that the big piece of this puzzle we are missing is the Spanish. Since we are a English speaking family, and since the boys and I are home most days, we just aren't getting the Spanish interaction we should.  So now comes the really confusing part, all the options.

Do we:
A) Continue homeschooling on the Tico schedule and look for other Spanish options?

B) Continue homeschooling on an American schedule and look for other Spanish options?

C) Send them to the local public school 300 meters from our house, that's all in Spanish and who knows what the quality of the education is?

D) Send them to a bilingual private school on a Tico schedule?

E) Send them to a bilingual private school on an American schedule?

F) Buy a second car to take them to the private school?

G) Buy a motor scooter for my husband to drive to work so I can have the car to take them to a private school?

H)  Figure out the private busing system here and put my sweet baby faced 6 year old on a bus with strangers?

I) Bury our heads in the sand and pretend they don't need to go to school at all?

I know we are blessed by having options, but honestly, right now, I  sorta wish we didn't, so that the decision would just be made for us.  But as I have talked to other friends around the globe, I realize we're not the only ones struggling with this decision.

I am trying to remember that God has called the whole family here.  So, that means our boys need to be here for God to grow them into the men He wants them to be.  And, whatever choice we make doesn't have to be forever.   Every day I pray for wisdom from the One who promises that if we ask for it, He'll give it to us. But we still don't know what we are suppose to do.  So we keep waiting and praying.

Would you pray with us? Thanks friends!


  1. man friend. I feel you on so many levels, and I"m not across the ocean. We struggle with schooling options every single day. *sigh* I wish it were easier. I know that the Lord has a plan and we will find our way, but I'd really love a hand delivered note. ;) praying for you, for wisdom and peace.

  2. Is there any way for you to bilingual home school with a private tutor/teacher coming into your home? If that is available would the cost be anywhere comparable with private school?

  3. If I were in your shoes, I would send them to the local public school and supplement with at-home tutoring/lessons. They will learn SO much going to school with local kids - it will be a wonderful experience for them.

    Good luck with your decision!

  4. Whew! What a lot of choices! Praying for wisdom for you. Making decisions that affect our kids can be so hard!

  5. I vote for #6! :) Seriously though,I like what the journey seekers said. But right now my brain is a bit mushy. Like you said though,whatever you chose,you can always change your mind. Even if you would put him in school,a week later you could hopefully pull him out again should you feel the former was not working. And,no,I could not put a 6 year old on a bus with strangers either. It seems like you just started schooling so maybe not worry about this just yet,i.e. #6!


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