Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter in Review

The last couple of Easters have been on the cusp of transition for us.  In 2011, Easter came the day before we left for language schoolLast year, it came about 2 weeks before we left to go back to the States to have Quinn. 

So this year I was excited to have some people over to enjoy the whole reason we do what we do, the Resurrection!
The day started with an Easter egg hunt and Easter baskets.

As you can see, Quinn's favorite part of the tissue paper.

Church was great, and there was even a morning cafécito. 
After church, we races home and started heating things up.  We ended up having two Americans, 1 Canadian, and a Tica over for dinner after church. 

A big dinner on Sunday isn't a typical Costa Rican thing at all.  Throughout Semana Santa, Holy Week, there are different dishes that people prepare, but it isn't a big thing on Sunday. 

We ended up having turkey because I found them for 4,500 colones (that's about 9 bucks!!) and it was great!  We also had veggies, 7 layer salad, roasted new potatoes, arroz con leche (rice pudding) spinach dip, cheese and crackers and jello.  When I pulled out the jello, someone said, "you guys are from the Midwest aren't you?!"  Ha!  We've also been told about 3 times over the last month we have a very distinctive Michigan accent...Michigan has an accent?  I thought we were void of any of that!

Our friend Carrie made a bunny cake decorated with candy.  Needless to say, the boys loved it.

It was a great day full of tons of good food, good talks, playing and laughing. 


  1. I lived in Connecticut for 3.5 yrs and was told I had a Southern accent....I agree I say some things with a Southern drawl (like road), I would not classify Michiganders as having an accent. Compared to the East Coasters we do, though...we definitely sound different than they do.

  2. Michigan most certainly does have an accent!! I can hear the way I say certain words... Bag, words with an "oo" or "ou" sound are more pronounced. I used to have that famous Chicago nasal accent but now I'm a Michigander. A bit nasally but in a different way. :)


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