Sunday, February 24, 2013

We're here...and Things Have Been Interesting.

So I realize this space has been pretty quiet as of late.  I'll be back at it soon, but we have been enjoying Noah's parents being here for a whole week.  And things were going just splendidly until we got back from our two day trip to see the volcano. 

We realized something was wrong when the boys couldn't find their scooters (one was long awaited from the states and Grandpa had just made a scooter stand for them.). Then we went to check email and realized the door to our deck was open and the computer, the keyboard for the new tablet, the kindel fire, the second battery for Noah's phone  and Noah's work computer were all gone.  Sigh.  Yep, it happened, we got robbed.  We figure they were too with it because they didn't take the TV, the router, the passports or anything in draws. 

The boys were devastated at the loss of their scooters, and we were thankful that we had our tablet with us so we still have some form of communication with the outside world.  We talked about praying good things for the people that robbed us, and the boys prayed that God would bring their scooters back.  And sure enough, about 20 minutes; into all of this, a neighbor found the scooters and a bag of tools in a near by coffee field!!  So strange, and yet I was greatful.  Noah did go to the police and reported the whole thing, though we don't have much hope that they will recover the stuff.  And we don't have any sort of insurance to cover the stuff.  On the upside of all this, before we left for Latin America, we decided to back up our computers online through carbonite.  And gracias a Dios, that means we didn't loose any files, including all the photos from the last five years!!!!

But as you think of us, would you pray for the best computer deal we can find, and that we could get one sooner than later.  Thanks guys!


  1. What a shocker to come home to! Praying that you and Noah won't be discouraged by this. Sending you a Birthday hug friend!!

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  3. Ugh. How awful. I am so sorry. I am glad you got their scooters back, it is always nice for kids to know God hears our prayers. We'll be praying for you guys as you sort everything out.


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