Wednesday, January 23, 2013

All Things New Year's

I keep meaning to tell you about New Year's here. With all the excitement of the trip to Panama and Christmas, we decided to just hang out that night.  I bought some brie ( the only kind I could find had crushed black pepper all over it, and I decided I really didn't like that) we splurged on some crackers and we watched three movies that night.  And then!!

Someone once said that Americans use an inexcusable paltry amount of fireworks in their celebrations.  I concur.  New Year's Eve was incredible and we were 10 miles from the heart of it all.  

This video isn't the greatest, but hopefully it will give you some idea of how things looked from our deck.

Now, we have friends who live down in the city.  This is what it was like on their deck.  Yeah, pretty nuts!

New Year's Day we were invited to go to a church picnic with some of our neighbors.  The church had rented a place with a pool, a fĂștbol ( field, a playground and a covered pavilion.  It was a good time of playing as a family, the boys got to swim and Noah got to play a game of soccer.  The boys also got to go sledding.  Yep!  Sledding!!  We laughed so hard over this!

Sledding!!  And the dried leaves even flew up after the kids went over them, you know, just like the snow does.  So funny!!

The other funny thing to us was how concerned everyone was over the fact that Quinn didn't have a hat on.  Now remember, it was probably 75 and sunny.  Yes, there was a breeze and yes, we were up on the mountain side, but he had a onesie and sweatpants and socks on.  He was also wrapped in the Moby most of the day. 

He looks cold, doesn't he?  But I got chastised by more than one lady about how "that baby needs a hat!" and "he is going to get an ear ache" and "I would love to hold him, but he shouldn't be unwrapped, put him back in."  Frankly, I was way more concerned with him getting sunburned that developing an ear ache from the 75 degree wind. So funny what people think is cold!  There is no use in explaining to them about Elliot crawling in the snow with no boots on...

And there you have it. All things New Year's. Maybe next year we will try our hand at some of those crazy fireworks!

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