Friday, November 9, 2012

Nuestra Casa, Parte Cuatro

Well, our bedroom has taken a while to get situated.  First, there was the cleaning.  When we started cleaning we discovered mildew in the dressers and wardrobe.  And then there was a panic, and talking with the landlady, and getting the stuff out of the house.  Then came trying to figure out where to put our clothes.  And we had a crib, but no crib mattress.  It seemed that our crib was rather short compared to all the mattresses we could find.  But after about a month and a half, we are settled into our room. 

So here it is.  The photos aren't the greatest because Quinn is sleeping (finally!!!) and I didn't want to turn lights on and disturb him.

What we finally did for the crib mattress is bought a foam one that was cheap (you know $30) and cut it down to size with a bread knife and taped the end.  It works well actually and it's nice Quinn has a crib for the first time in his life.

As for a lack of closets and dressers.  We bought the bookshelf from the family we bought the 4Runner from and it works well.  As long as we keep things need and tidy that is.  And yesterday Noah was able to hang a bar from the ceiling.  It's actually the same dowel that we used for Quinn's swing.  Apparently here at the hardware store, you have to buy the whole 10 foot dowel.  But it works!  I have always wanted wooden hangers, but could never justify them...until now!  Since things are out in the open now, the hangers need to look nice, right?  And really, I found these at Pequeno Mundo for about 80 cents each, so it wasn't that extravagant.  I really like how it turned out actually.

And we're not quite sure how to handle this, but we actually have a master bathroom!  Quite impressive.  Remember when I mentioned we had a bath tub?  Weeeeelllll...kindasortanotreally.  It is suppose to function as a bath tub, but the drain doesn't stay plugged and it's so big that our little water heater couldn't possibly fill it even if it didn't drain as you were trying to fill it.  Noah is brainstorming solutions, but for now, we just use it as a shower.  See how tall the side of the tub is?

There are some things we still want to do to this room, like paint, and deal with the curtains still, and maybe put something up on the walls, but for now it's neat, organized and works well.


  1. Put a plastic dish over the drain hole and have one of the kids sit on it. Boil water in pans and dump it in with the not-so-hot tap water! Ok, I'm done.


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