Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Our Weekend

This last weekend Noah was apart of staff training at camp for the whole weekend.  He was gone the afternoon and evening on Friday, came home late, left Saturday morning at about 6:30 and was gone until Sunday when we went to pick him up.  It really wasn't longer than anything we had at Camp Barakel, but the big difference was we don't live at camp anymore.  And we have three boys now.  It was a good time for him to get to know some of the volunteers and to get trained in archery here.  Which just makes us laugh, becuase he did so much with archery at Barakel.  Now he is internationally certified. 

Overall, we did ok.  There were some moments of "we can't do this!" but we did and we all lived.

One day we went into town by ourselves.  Ha!  That was a fiasco!  I thought it was a good idea.  Until we got lost, got caught in traffic (Saturdays are horrid!) had a screaming baby, couldn't figure out how to order at the restaurant, dealt with  a huge meltdown fit, couldn't find a parking spot at the mall, and came home in the rain.  Yeah.  Sometimes I get these ideas and think, "oh yeah, I am a grown woman, I can take my three kids to McDonald's no problem."  Ha!  Yeah right.  And par for the course, I managed to order something extra.  Oh well.

Another thing we did to keep life interesting around here was made sidewalk chalk paint again.  We did this once last year and got our guard to come play with us.  This time, even though it was raining, we were able to paint in our garage ( I love this thing!!).

And Quinn pretty much decided he needed to be held.  All.Weekend.Long.  Yep, so this is how we looked.

He is a cute little bugger.  Good thing.  Oh, he has also figured out how to slam his legs and feet down and scooch his way lower in the bouncy seat.  Time for the seat belt.

A couple of weeks ago Elliot found a hose in the grass.  It's got some holes in it, but the boys have been playing with it, making damns and all sorts of other things.

I am so thankful for this house and this property.  The Lord really answered our prayers with a place for the boys to play and dig and grow.

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  1. Hang in there Liz. When im out and about with the kids there are times when even here in TC I get lost and can't seem to get an order right at McDonalds!! HEHEH. Im glad you have a great place for the kids to be themselves and not worry too much about the neighbors etc. Jeff K


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