Sunday, April 1, 2012

Forrest's Birthday

Today is Forrest's (gasp) 5th birthday!  How did that happen?  How did we go from this

To this?

Friday we brought Lego cupcakes to school.  He is sorta in love with "little" Legos right now.

After school, his buddy, Jack, came over.  It was the first time we've done a "party" with other than family.    And it was so fun, Jack got him Legos too.  They worked hard at putting them together after a lunch of pizza.

Today will be pretty low key, but there is one or two more presents to open.  We love you Forrest.  So excited to see where God takes you in this life!


  1. He Looks SO BIG in that last picture. James wants a Lego party this year too. I've found some ideas on Pinterest. I insist on using at least 90% stuff we have around the house to do birthdays. The other 10% better be food or CHEAP :o)
    Happy Birthday Forrest!


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