Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wherever You Are...

Be all there.

So I feel like all I have to talk about is the fact that we are leaving in 4 weeks!  I mean, sure there is the fact that our water was off again today, and as soon as the water got turned back on around 5 pm, the electricity went out.  But really, I just keep thinking about the trip.

Ok, and we have a week off of school coming up for Holy Week (Semana Santa), and Forrest's 5th (What?!  When did that happened?) is Sunday.  And then there is the planning for Easter.  So I guess there is other stuff to talk about.  And did I ever tell you the story of The Rat?  I don't think I did!  But not tonight.  Maybe tomorrow.

And I know in just 29 days I can take a bath.  Yeah, I know, that is a bit lame.  But I have hit that point of this pregnancy.

So I guess I need to work a bit on being here for what time if left.  There are still 4 rules of Subjunctive I need to learn, 2 really big tests I need to get ready for, and all the other opportunities God might send our way in the next 29 days.

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