Saturday, February 4, 2012

Elliot's Adventure

First off, he is fine.  Today during rest time he managed to find a little 1/2 oz bottle of bleach we took with us to Honduras.  It had a lid on it that only allowed a drop out at a time.  Somehow he got some of the bleach in his eye.  Yeah.

After Forrest came and told us something was wrong, and we realized what had happened, we tried flushing it out with water and then we headed to the emergency room.  Good grief.  There they flushed and flushed and flushed his eye out.  It took two male nurses and Noah to hold him down and his piecing scream (remember that cry from when he was a baby?)  could be heard in the waiting room.  Poor kid.  When the nurse came to get my from the waiting room, I asked how it went and he said good but he was soaked.  And because Elliot was soaked from all the water, he got to wear a pair of hospital jammies home...they told me I could bring them back in a week when I come from my next doctor's appointment for baby.

After a check with the doc, there is no burn, ulcer or any damage to the eye.  He has some antibiotic cream we need to put on his eye (sorta like what they put on newborns) for the next two days.

We are so grateful that God protected his eye!!  And that God caused a missionary couple from Scotland 90 years ago to start Clinica Biblica (the hospital we went to).  The staff there speaks English, the signs are in English and Spanish and it was just good to be in a place that we could trust.  The whole visit came to about $145!  That's another thing we are grateful!  Pretty reasonable emergency room visit!  Friends of ours here just got a car 2 weeks ago and they were able to come and pick Forrest up at the hospital so he didn't have stay though it all.  Also, we managed to leave Elliot's only pair of sandals in the taxi on our way to the hospital.  The taxi driver saw them, after we had left and turned around and brought them back to the hospital for us! 

Anyway, so that was our exciting Saturday.



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