Monday, January 30, 2012


  • I have to talk for 20 minutes tomorrow about a topic I care about.  Help me out...what do I care about that I could talk for 20 minutes on?
  • I had a thousand (errr, maybe 6) blog post ideas in the last couple of days.  Can I remember any of them now?  No.
  • Roblealto has a kid sized zipline.  Forrest was thrilled

  • Papaya smoothies need something...some pineapple maybe?  Banana?  
  • It's summer here.  Yep, don't get all twisted around by the fact that yes, we are in the northern hemisphere and therefore it really is winter.  According to Ticos, it's summer.  The stores even have their summer sales now.  Complete with coolers, swimsuits, lawn chairs.  And apparently, summer doesn't necessarily mean warmer temperatures, it just means it isn't raining.  Remember, the temp here only changes about 15 degrees throughout the whole year.
  • Limón Dulces (sweet lemons) are A. Not really sweet B. Not very tangy C.  Not very good.


  1. Papaya with piña is a definite hit around here. About the same amount of both is a great combo. And have you had papaya con leche, add a little azucar? YUM!!!

  2. I'm guessing they are A. Not really sweet

  3. ha! No Jenney, they are all those things...sorry to be confusing with the a, b, c, thing...hhehe


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