Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Glad to Turn Again" a World Away

It was so great to be part of the daily running of a camp again.  We both got so excited when we heard buses pulling into camp on Friday night, just like Teen Winter Retreats at Barakel!   And  to wake up to the sounds of campers through out camp, doing what campers do, laughing, running, exploring.  Oh, so good!

Noah, being Noah the programer, couldn't stay away and even managed to get a baliada (flour tortilla with beans, sour cream and sometimes eggs) out of visiting the group that was in camp.  He came back with some great photos too.

And it was so familiar what the group was doing, breaking up in to cabin groups, making mascots for their groups, and spending time away from the ordinary in order to hear from God.  Camp is powerful, no matter if you are in the pine forests of Northern Michigan or the pine forests of Northern Honduras.

We learned that right now, 10% of Honduran kids grow up with a two parent home.  Yeah, let that sink in for just a second.

That means 90% of kids grow up with a single parent.  Most kids will drop out of school by the time they are in 6th grade.  The unemployment rate of 30 year olds and under is 60%.  As if all of this is bad enough, there are gangs just waiting to give these kids a "family". A war is on for the hearts and minds of Honduran youth.

 As we talked with Pastor Daniel, he said that the way Honduras is going to change is through reaching the youth of the country.  Changing the mindset of the people, one kid at a time.  Wow!  What a challenge, and how exciting to be a part of what God is doing through the Honduran churches to reach these kids with Christ!

We also got to help with some of the projects around camp.  Noah worked on finishing out making bunk beds for one of the dorms.  When Wes was showing us the dorm for the first time I was confused on where in the world I was.  For crying out loud, the floor was even painted the same color as Boys Dorm before carpet!

And I know if I looked hard enough, I could find a photo or two of Mike Baker or Dan Haines putting together bunk beds for one of the new lodges!

And check this out!  Yep, those would be Do It Best screws. And no they weren't brought from the States, there is a Do It Best in San Pedro Sula! The Fairview Hardware store (you know, the famed VIP Hardware Sale store) is a Do It Best!

It was mind blowing how God placed us in Northern Michigan, where there wasn't a single native Spanish speaker for at least a hundred miles, and how well that prepared us for where will be in Honduras!  I am so thankful for the time we had on the banks of Shear Lake, and for what God is doing there and what He is doing to reach the hearts and minds of the people of Honduras through Manantial de Vida!


  1. That is SO exciting to hear about how the Lord specifically prepared you for Manatial de Vida! Don't you just love looking back to see how God was planning and preparing, when you didn't even realize it?

  2. my heart is rejoicing for you today, friend.


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