Monday, August 15, 2011

And We're Off

So, today we are going to our third country this year.  I was amazed when I stopped and thought about that last week.  And since January I have flown to Arizona, Florida, Costa Rica, and now today Honduras.  Oh, and we took a bus trip to Nicaragua!  What in the world?  Whose life am I living?

Anyway, so today we are off to Honduras.  This will be the first time I will get to see Manantial de Vida.  When Noah went in October of 2009 to explore the possibility of us joining the work there, the boys and I stayed at home.

But now, we all get to experience it.  For 12 days!  To say we are excited is an understatement.  Forrest has been talking for weeks about going.  We will be staying in one of the cabins at camp.  That means you probably won't here from us until we are back in Costa Rica on the 26th.  The internet hasn't been working all summer out at Manantial.  But in the meantime, as you think of us, would you pray for:

  • A great time of getting to know the Williamsons.  While Noah and Wes spent the week together in 2009, Cindy, the kids from both families and I have only spent about 6 hours together in Northern Indiana.  Pray we would accomplish a lot in our relationship in the short time we have.
  • Pray we would be able to give the Williamsons a break.  They have had a full full FULL summer of teams and minsitry.  We really want to help ease there load while we are there.
  • Pray for rest for our family in the midst of all the newness.  This is our two week break between terms at school.  
  • Pray that we would be wise as we look at things we will need for our household, talk about housing plans, and other preparations for when we move there full time.
  • That our kids will do well with the transition there and then back to school in two weeks.
Thanks guys!!  We can't do this work without you all around the world praying!


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  2. I love love love love love the picture of you and Noah by the flag. What a great shot!
    I'm so sorry about the "BB" being lost so close to your trip to Honduras...perhaps all is going well, I'll pray for that!
    Also, congratulations on the new olive oil bottle. God does give us gifts in fun ways!!!

  3. ce fata de ratati aveti


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