Monday, July 11, 2011


  • It's now mandatory to have a window by my desk.  I was thinking about this view today, and this one and now this one.  And while I didn't grow up with the mountains, I am coming to really enjoy watching the clouds dance over and around them every day.

  • I miss the accomplishment of seeing tasks completed.  Language study doesn't give you that sense of getting something done.  Sure, you are washing the same clothes again next week, but there is a few fleeting moments when you see you work pay off.  

  • I was talking to a Tica friend this week about her childhood.  I said I prefered the country to the city.  She said, yes, it's nice, but in the city you have running water and electricty.  There are jobs.  Where she grew up, these things didn't exist.  She told me of a time when her parents were both not able to be parents and she didn't have any clothes.  She made a dress for herself out of one of her mother's aprons.  Puts things into perspective a bit.

  • I like hanging clothes up on the line and watching them dry.

  • I still am confused on Direct and Indirect Object pronouns.

  • I need to spend more time everyday, outside of class, speaking in Spanish with native speakers.  This is challenging with kids who need time with their mama and to rest.  

  • I like it when it rains all afternoon, after we get home from school.


  1. i would love to skype or make you a video tutorial on direct and indirect objects. it is one of my favorite lessons to teach. let me know if you'd be interested. :]

  2. that would be fun!! Either way! I think I really have it, well, maybe some of the's more like I just need a lot more practice...

  3. Hang in're doing great! Besides, you're there for a year, for a reason. :) Soak it up and let it take its time. Love you guys!

  4. Just wanted to say "hi!" and praying for you often. The picture of the mountain and the clouds- amazing!!!

  5. Kara!!! I was just going to post over on your blog! Thanks for the prayers friend! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


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