Saturday, July 9, 2011

Excuses, Excuses

You know, there was a time, not so very long ago, when this little space got a lot more attention that it is now.  I miss being able to write every day, but we are just in a season right now where that can't happen.  Here's a little taste of why:

5:45 am
wake up because of either a) the kids are up b) the sun is streaming in the windows c) a car alarm goes off

6:00-7:00 am
Get everyone clean, dressed and backpacks packed for the day.  Make sure everyone has a water bottle, sunscreen, and sandals.  Get the kids piled into the stroller (after making sure it doesn't have a flat tire, again).  Unlock about 8 locks to get the stroller out the gate, and then lock everything back up again.

7:00-7:20 am
Walk to school.  Tell kids no, we can not stop at the bakery that smells so very good to get donuts, that was a one time thing.  Avoid glass that could potential give us another flat tire (Noah has started to carry in his backpack a patch kit and a mini bike pump.  You know, sorta like making sure you have jumper cables and a spare tire in your car.)

7:20 am
Get to school, drop the boys off at their rooms head to our classes.

Noah has Phonetics and I have Language. Phonetics is where we work on our pronunciation in the hopes that someday we won't sound so very much like gringos.  Language is where we learn more vocabulary, and work on getting descriptions and stuff out.  The director of our program said, "we would call it conversation class, except then you would think you can have a conversation, and well, you can't at this point."  Ha!

Noah has Language and I have Phonetics

We have an hour break, which we all need for our brains to regroup, to finish up homework, to spend some time in chapel on Tuesdays and Thursdays and to grab a snack.  It's funny, it feels like a lunch break, but really it's just the middle of the morning.  Most days in the States I was barley out of my pajamas by then!

The first hour of grammar for both of us.  This is where we move forward (we hope) in our understanding of the Spanish language.  Again, with the hope that one day we won't sound like gringos.  We have a break halfway through where I usually find some cafecito

Our second hour of grammar.

Then it's time to pick the boys up and walk home.  And while the walk seems long in the mornings, it feels even longer on the way home.  It really is up hill both ways and by noon, the sun is usually beating down.  That, or it's raining.  Ha!  Can you tell I like the walk home?

12:30 ish
Home, time for lunch, and then rest time for everyone!!  It's amazing how much language study takes it out of you.

After the boys get up from naps, we play some, do some chores around the house, and then it's supper time.  And then bed for the boys and studying for us.  And a lot of times, we are in bed before too know like 9ish.  Because, well, remember that 5:45 wake up call?

And just making meals is still a challenge for me some days.  Making ice can involve 5 steps now, six months ago I didn't even think about it.  And I really am not complaining.  We are learning a lot of about how long it takes do things, and how to enjoy that.

And with that, I am going to go sleep...wait, it's only 7 pm...well, maybe I'll still go to sleep.


  1. whew! i am tired just reading all of that! i can only imagine how much learning a new language and way of life takes out of you!

  2. you're one busy mama! so glad you're setting into a rhythm though. and, when i saw the cookies in your last post, i thought... hey, i bet those are martha stewart and sure enough, they were! :) i really wanted to try them, but didn't have anywhere cool to take them ;)


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