Friday, July 15, 2011

Bath Time

One of the essencial parts of any house in the United States is a bath tub.  For very good reason, right?  How in the world would you get children clean without it? 

One of the things that we were warned about when we began this process of moving to another country was the lack of bath tubs.  They are not at all common here or in Honduras.  So we started introducing the boys to showers while we were still at Barakel.  And they enjoyed them.

But since we've been here I have noticed fingernails and toe nails don't get as clean.  And the boys are constantly trying to play in the shower like they would in the bath tub. 

Then I realized the other day, "well, hey,  there is a spout near the botton here that looks like water can come out."  I tried it, and low and behold, a spiget of sorts!  And then I thought, "Hey!  I brought one of those rubber drain covers with us!"

 " And the sides of the shower go up pretty far.  Far enough at least for the boys to have a BATH!"

Now remember, they haven't had a bath since we left the States at the end of April.  When Elliot walked into the bathroom tonight he looked the water and said "Ohhhhhh!!"  I could barely get his diaper off of him before he in working hard at playing.

And when Forrest came up he said, "Mom, we should do a bath every time!"  Do you think they liked it?

They had a good long soak in the "hot tub" as Forrest refered to it when we were done.  It's was a prefect night to get snuggled in nice warm towels from a friend at Barakel and read with Dad. 

It's the little things, you know?


  1. fantastic! we did the same thing when we were renting a place that only had a shower (except we filled it with the shower head).

  2. Awww happy boys! I love it! I completely agree with you- you can't get fingernails clean without a good long soak.


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