Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Alien Invasion

Yesterday a classmate brought these to school (sorry about the terrible photo!).  I just stared at them in a box and couldn't figure out what they were, animal, vegetable mineral?  A toy maybe?  Then one of our teachers said, "No, son mamón chinos."  Que raro!!

I laughed at them all morning.  It looked like either we were eating a koosh ball or they were some alien pods come to invade us with eye balls.  So weird!  And who was the first person to look at these and decided eating them was a good idea?

I brought a couple home for the boys to try.  And to take photos of, of course.  Forrest saw them this morning and asked what that new paper was.  Funny question.  Then he asked if he could play with them.  Ha!  And when I told him he could eat it, then the poor child was really confused!

They are sweet, with a grape sorta texture.  There is a big seed in the middle which everyone keeps warning us about.  And they are just stinking hilarious to me!  I wish I could bring some back to the States as presents, but the customs guys don't usually like that sorta thing.  Sigh.  Wouldn't they be fun to put in a bag like this and give as hostess gifts?  Customs guys are no fun at all.

Anyway, they are such funny things I will probably be buying them.  And if you come visit us, you can be sure you will get your taste of mamón chinos!


  1. We saw these at the feria. They really are strange little "whatever they are!" ~ Beverly

  2. My favorite thing to eat when we were in CR.

  3. 1st time passing by your blog and it nice. here at malaysia we call this 'rambutan'. now is the season here. (+____+)


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