Friday, February 4, 2011

New Eyes

So, I have been sporting this look for several days now.  And I have confirmed what I already knew, I really hate wearing glasses.  I don't see as well out of them, they press on your ears and nose, and this is probably just me, but I never feel fully dressed for the day when I wear my glasses.

But there is a very good reason I have been enduring glasses for the last four days.  On Tuesday, I will be going in for Lasik!  I really can't believe this is going to happen.  Since I was in 3rd grade I have worn glasses.  I remember the first time I put on the pink plastic frames and looked out the window...and could see the twigs on the branches on the trees!  Amazing!  Everything was so crisp and clear!

Right now, without my glasses this is how the world looks

Or this...Noah is so over me asking him what time it is in the middle of the night.

And really, I am not exaggerating.  With my contacts I see things like you are suppose to of course

But there is the whole contact maintenance thing.  And with the move to Honduras, the whole clean water and getting contact solution thing becomes more of an issue.

So, sorta on a whim I started to pray about Lasik.  I don't know about you, but sometimes I pray for things not really thinking it could happen.  But God took that half heart prayer and answered it beyond anything I could have imagined!  He provided all the money for the procedure.  And while I am still a bit freaked out by the whole thing, I keep telling myself, I did days of labor, I can do 8 minutes of eye surgery!

But if you think about it, next Tuesday (the 8th) at 10:30, I will be at the eye doctor.  And then I won't have to deal with contacts or silly glasses again!


  1. Oh you are a girl after my own heart! Seriously, that is on my list of wishes. I'm sporting the braces for another 15 months or so then we'll see about the lasik. Praise God it was funded so that is one less thing to worry about!

  2. I'll be praying, how exciting to be done with glasses. :)
    Also, I find you labor comment funny, I use surviving labor to psych myself up for stuff I'd otherwise be freaked out by too...

  3. OH MY WORD!!! I will start praying for Lasik immediately! :) So happy for you, friend. Let me know how it turns out.

  4. My husband wants to get Lasik also, but we just haven't put the money up for it. Can't wait for you to be able to have "new eyes". Praise God!

  5. Liz, I had lasik surgery almost 10 years ago and had GREAT results! I'd do it over again in a minute. Really it was no big deal and I haven't had to wear glasses or contacts since and my vision is still 20/20! I had horrible vision prior to the surgery...we're talking legally blind horrible vision without my contacts! You'll do great and love it I'm sure! Be sure to let me know how it goes!
    Michelle Lampen

  6. I just happened to cross upon your blog. I've been "practicing" my praying for people. I normally will say a quick prayer and move on, but I've been learning to let the person know you are praying because it may just be the encouragement they need. I will pray for your procedure and your move to Honduras. I pray many blessings for you and your family. I ask that God provide for you and that you and your family seek always to glorify His name.


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