Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Crafting Instead of Working

Yesterday I took a break from Christmas cards.  I don't know if that was the wisest idea,  you tell me?  And no, that isn't a catalog.  That is my stack of cards.  Noah has one this size too.

Do you buy coils of a hundred stamps for your Christmas cards?  We are a bit behind this year because we got a late start and then we were on the road for 8 days.

Anyway, back to my break.  I took a break because well, I was going a bit cross eyed.  Remember this tear sheet?  Well, before we left, I ordered the punch to make this circles, and while we were downstate, my sister gave me a couple of old books.  I made a quick stop in Holland to get some funky paper, and yesterday, while listening to two old episodes of This American Life, I sewed these together.

They are hanging the whole length of the the dinning room/living room.  I am not completely sold on the look yet. I need to live with it for a while still.  When Elliot got up from his nap yesterday, the first thing he said was, "I love those!"  Forrest's first comment was, "I don't like them, take them down.  We should put up lights instead."  Well.

Noah had his opinion too.  He thinks they need to not be as droopy.  I am wondering if  it would be better just over my window in from of my desk.  Too many art directors, I am afraid!

Anyway, they are up.  And we will live with it for a while to see what we like.  If we can all come to a conclusion.


  1. i think a break was a good idea ;) and the paper garland thing is really cute. i like the idea!
    oh...and i really like knit picks, too. i got that purple yarn for a couple bucks, i think.

  2. I choose Elliot's reaction :) It looks great and glad you got a break!

  3. Crafting is always so much more fun than work! The garland turned out great, are the pieces of paper sewn together with a sewing machine?

    Oh, and I love This American Life - there is an entire series of NPR podcasts that are essential on my iPod! :)

  4. Kate, yep, sewn with a machine, but you could totally do it with a needle and thread. It would look very cute in your room in the Peruvian Highlands!

  5. How did you sew it together? I mean, I know with a sewing machine...I need details :o) They look cool!

  6. Jenney, just set your stitch length to the longest, and just sew them. One after the other until it's as long as you want. Easier than pie!


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