Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Back to You Regular Scheduled Programing

Sort of.

After a really really long trip home on Sunday (more in a minute), we are back to life as normal.  Errr, except that it's 10 days until Christmas, so maybe not completly normal.

After 8 days on the road, we made our way home in the first statewide snow storm of the season.  We left around noon, thinking that even if it took us 6 hours (normal is 4) to get back, it would be only 6.  Well...

A half hour into the trip, we got a flat.  And remember back this summer when we got a flat and learned that our spare is stuck to the van?  Silly us, we never did anything about that.  So that spare is still stuck to the van.  And our cell phones weren't charged like they should have been.  And the computer wasn't charged like it should have been, and well, we were pretty desperate.  We prayed, and Forrest started to, out of no where, sing a song from Seeds Family Worship "Philippians 4:6-7".  Ummmk.  Think God was trying to say something?

 A few minutes later a state trooper pulled up behind us and called a tow truck.  And we got a hold of my sister and her husband who live about 5 minutes from where we were.  My brother in law came and got the boys and I, while Noah took the van to the nearest open tire shop. They had coffee and Charlie Brown Christmas for us to enjoy.  And really, overall, it was a nice afternoon.

We were so thankful we got a flat where we did.   There were so very many worse places to get one on our route home.  You know, like in the middle of nowhere in a blizzard!  We got back on the road around 4pm and made it slowly north, through the ice and snow.  Really, we didn't loose that much time we were home by 8:30, but it was a looonnnng day!

And it was a good week of talking with people about Honduras.  And we are now at 54%!!  Thanks for all your prayers over this week.  We sure can't do this without the prayers and gifts of the people here!

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  1. i love seeds family worship! and i love that forrest was singing that song during your tire episode...such a God thing! glad you are home safe and sound.


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