Sunday, October 17, 2010

From My Time Out Walk

This morning Noah sent me on a time out walk.  Yeah, I was that cranky and overwelmed.


  1. wow..those are pretty photos. when looking at them it feels like they are moving. how did you do that?

    time outs are so nice to have sometimes. hope it helped.

  2. Yeah, I have to have time outs upon occasion as well. I usually go in my room and shut the door...the kids know better than to barge in that room. And then I'll read some Ann Lamott and get my head back on straight.

  3. Yes, Ann Lamott cracks me up...Katrina's sister (also an English teacher) introduced me to her.

    Rebecca, I am taking a photography course and these are part of this week's assignment. For the first one, you rotate the camera as you are taking the photo, making sure you have a slower shutter speed (use the night time setting on your point and shoot) For the second one, you zoom in or out while you are taking the photo, again using a slower shutter speed.

  4. Todra, Thanks so much! Welcome as well!

  5. AWESOME photos. I need time out walks too. Only no one ever relieves me of my duties so I can have one.


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