Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Free Sale

So, I have struggled with what to call what we did yesterday.  It was sorta of a garage sale without prices.  At all.  Really, I suppose, everyone who came yesterday could have taken everything and not given us a dime.  And it really would have been a huge help!  But we were overwhelmed with people's generosity!  We were given over $600 $843 for our Travel and Equipment account, and people took stuff that we needed to get rid of!  What a blessing!

One of our friends even showed up with an old U Haul as a joke.  And really the whole day felt more like a party than anything else. Forrest cried when it was nap time because he didn't want to miss any of the people coming!

Thank you all so much!  What a blessing to have such supportive friends and neighbors!

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  1. praise the Lord for that!! we've been praying for you guys!


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