Thursday, September 23, 2010

Now Aren't Those Pretty?

See I did it again!  I really thought I had just posted something and then I actually looked at the date...hummmm, Sunday.  Not good I tell ya!

Since I am pretty sure you all are tired of hearing me go on and on and on about packing things in tubs and organizing and purging, let's move on to something a bit different for today.

I have some of those reusable grocery bags you can buy for $1.  You know, the kind that have the store's logo on them, so you pay to advertise for them.  I know people who buy different ones for different stores because they feel weird about using a Meijer bag at Walmart...anyway.

So mine are black, which was a good start.  And the logo wasn't too big on them either.  But after about 2 years, I am just tired of them.  So on Monday when The Women Who Keep Me Sane and I went to civilization, I bought some really fun fabric to cover those suckers!

And boy do they look cute!  Although one of my former students told me I will get weird looks for these bags.  What do you think?


  1. Love it! Was it easy to sew on that plastic-ish material they make them out of?

  2. SO CUTE! Why don't I ever think of these things? Have I ever told you that you are brilliant?

  3. Liz, mine aren't that plasticy...I have washed them a couple of times which have softened them up, but I think they were more fabric than plastic to begin with

    Thanks Bridget!

  4. What a great idea!! My mom made me some that look almost just like plastic bags, and she added a pocket to the front..I used it for coupons once or twice, but there needs to be a zipper or something b/c they just kept falling absolutely adore reusable bags b/c they're great for everything! I use them for diaper bags real quick since the girls are older and we don't need bottles to cart along, I use them to take foot to potlucks or family dinners, just everything! But back to your bags, I LOVE the material, and I don't think you'll get laughed at at all...I'd ask you where you got them if I saw you out! :) lol...

  5. Those are FANTASTIC. If someone laughs just kick them. or not. Ok there was TOOOO much preschooler time for me today, can you tell?


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