Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thoughts on Coffee

  • I like to think of myself as a coffee snob, but honestly, I really can't tell the difference between higher end brands.  
  • I do know though if I am drinking Maxwell House or Folgers.
  • I can't taste the difference between regular and decaff. 
  • But I can feel it!  Regular makes me twitchy.  Seriously.  
  • I've tried to like it black.  
  • Sugar makes it better.

  • Creamer is an important part of the experience as well.  It adds that round fullness to the liquid.  It fills your mouth in a way other liquid doesn't.
  • Travel mugs are the adult version of a sippy cup.
  •  Coffee grinders are messy.  No way around it.
  • I am working on trying to make my own flavored creamer...don't worry, if it works there will be a post about it.
  • It's nice when I remember to grind the coffee, and fill the pot the night before. 
  • Most of the time I don't.

  • I need to teach Noah how to make it.
  • Iced is almost as good as hot.
  • But it still needs cream and sugar.


    1. I think I agreed with every statement here:)

    2. Haha... I concur. :) I'm hoping to giveaway a french press on my blog soon... for all the coffee lovers out there!

    3. oooo a french press! I have always wanted to try one of those! And Kiki, isn't cafe cubano really sweet and creamy?

    4. I'm giddy about this post. 1) I have the same travel mug in the last pic. Expensive, but worth it. Kind of like Annelise' expensive but worth it Nalgene sippy cup. 2) We are coffee snobs...but we have found that 8 o'clock Dark Colombian (Purple Bag) Whole Bean is just as good as Starbuck if you grind it yourself. :) 3) Lastly, I'm sure you will have wonderful coffee in Honduras...and when you do...send us some. :)

    5. ooooo! Good to know! And yes, the mug, I just got it last week and am in love! It is perfect! Will not spill, keeps coffee hot until I finish the mug! Sometimes that takes 3 hours! And yes, you better believe we will be sending you good good good coffee when we are in Costa Rica and Honduras! And of course, there is always the option of you coming to get some!:)


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