Friday, July 30, 2010


There are a lot of really nice things about living in the woods.  There are a lot of not so nice things about living in the woods.  And right up there on the list is gnats.

I am not sure if you have had the misery of encountering them, but they are a constant around here during the summer.  They seem to go to the highest spot, have no idea why, but it does work to have your hand up over your head.  Counselors will ask, "is that a gnat hand or do you have a question?" 

Do you see those little buggers in the photo?

Hats sometimes help keep the bugs from flying in your eyes, up your nose or in your mouth.  Sometimes. Do you see that swam all around that sweet baby's head?! very, very gross!

We have encountered a new addition to the nastiness of these bugs, they bit.  And Forrest swells up like crazy from them.  He has been bitten on the ear twice and the eye lid once this summer.  See that swollen ear?  Poor kid.  He hats them.  When they get flying at him, he'll start saying things like, "Go away nasty bugs!"  or "Naughty bugs, stop!"

And no one seems to really know anything about them.  Not even Lee, the nature guy here.  All I got to say is I am glad when the cool weather comes with the frost to kill them all!


  1. i agree...gnats are nasty! poor forrest! he's so cute, though. and elliot, too..he's looking so different!

  2. We had zero gnats at camp. None. I was so surprised because there were SO many at your house. Weird! Mosquitoes on the other hand. HORRIBLE.


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