Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Adventure

Noah had most of this afternoon off because all the summer staff went to the beach.  The original plan was to go pick very early because of all the hot weather and rain strawberries, but they close the patch at noon.

So, we decided that a legitimate adventure for the boys would be taking back the recycle, the pop cans, and getting ice cream to eat with the wonderful strawberries our neighbor brought us.

And the adventure started before we left the driveway.  There was a baby robin that let us get oh so very close.  The boys were ecstatic!

All in all, it did turn out to be an adventurous sort of day.  It a quiet, laid back, getting errands done sort of way.  A nice quiet afternoon before the craziness of next week.  Campers come Tuesday!

P.S.  Oh, and make sure to check out the great new graphic Noah made for me to help you all know where we are at support wise!  Didn't he do a nice job?


  1. hooray for strawberries! we picked today and made freezer jam! yum yum yummy!

  2. what a nice day! and that graphic is very cool!

  3. aww, thanks Aunt Leila! We think they are pretty sweet!


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