Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Lest you think that I am super woman and can do anything (HA.  Right, oh dear, the mistakes I make in a day, or better yet an hour!  Boy, please don't every think that of me.  That just sets me up to fail!  And if you have a correct view of me, that I am the weakest woman in the world and pretty much stink at what I do, then when I get something right, it will be a big deal!) Alright, where was I?

Oh yeah, what I failed at (see, right there, that's awful!  Especially for an English major!).  Ok, so I had mild success with growing herbs from seeds last year.  Sure, there was that whole aphid problem, but we managed our way through that.  So I thought I would try it again this year.  And it seemed to be working.  Aren't they cute? 

Well, then one day I noticed that things weren't so happy in seed land.  I saw these little wormy larva things crawling around.  And noticed that the plants were slowly disappearing...blast those stupid meal worms!  We have had issues with them since we moved in.  Who knows where they came from, but they are a constant problem in our kitchen.  And now they seem to be eating my little seedlings!

For Mother's Day, we got Noah's mom some herbs plants.  And I was amazed at the instant gratification when I planted them.  And since the meal worms have eaten my darling baby herbs, I figured I might as well enjoy the instant gratification of the big herb plants.

And I must say, it's nice.  I am able to use them in cooking already!  In fact tonight's dinner is cooking with some of them right now.  Nice I tell ya.


  1. I don't think you're the weakest woman in the world and stink at what you do. Far from it! You are a wonderful wife and mother with a heart full of love & care for your family and many great & inspiring ideas to share. No body is perfect, nor do we need to be (thankfully!). Give yourself a break. :-)

  2. oh no Jenn! I really am! I can do nothing on my own! Nothing! And when I try, boy it's a disaster! I really am trying to not be hard on myself and that's why I say this. There is a freedom in realizing that I am nothing more than a bum! And it's when I am in that position, that's when Christ can be the strongest. So, I really am glad to be the weakest woman in the world!


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