Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All Creatures of Our God and King

All I have to say is I am glad God is God and I am not God.  For a lot of reasons.  A whole lot of reasons.  Like for example, I would have probably just scraped this whole world thing and started over completely. 

Another thing, there would have been like four different types of animals.  A bird, a fish, some sort of domestic dog like thing and some sort of non domestic mammal.  But that's not our God!  I found these within steps of my front door.  Amazing!

Like I said, I am glad, very, very glad, God is God and I am not! 


  1. sometimes i think about that in relation to the flood. noah saying, uh.. honey? we have to take all these animals with us, even the ones you're deathly afraid of, or the ones that could hurt us... and we're going to lock ourselves on a boat with them where we can't get away... yikes. that took some serious faith!

  2. Yeah, my little mind can't wrap my head around most things in this world.

    I'll have to show Adam your bug. He had a June bug stuck to his finger tonight and it wouldn't come off, and he started crying. So I ran outside, and he was crying because he thought I was going to kill it in the process of getting it off his finger. :)


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