Saturday, March 27, 2010

Ways You Can Help A Missionary #4

I had a friend call yesterday and ask, "How can our church encourage and support our missionaries?  Any good ideas?"  I had already written about one way here.  But something that I have been struggling through immediately jumped to mind, tech support!

So there you have it.  #4 on the list of Ways You Can Help a Missionary.
Tech Support.

Remember when I mentioned there is a limit to my blogging knowledge?  Well, I am again frustrated by my lack of ability.  See, Blogger came out with some new templates, and I would really like to utilize them.  But I don't want to over do it, ya know?  I was doing some blog reading the other day and ran across this,
"Frankly, many of us have incredible blogs … for the late 1990s.  But technology, and people’s expectations, are moving fast.  We could do so much better." 
It cracked me up and made me a bit concerned too.  Does our blog fall into that category?  Boy, I sure don't want it to.

I would love to tweak the blog, make it more user friendly, keep it very clean and readable, yet have things like a blog roll, special links, etc.  I would love to have a button people could stick on their blogs to show their support, to have a great graphic to keep track of where we are in the support raising process.  Alas, I don't know what I am doing. 

So,  if you see something here that bothers you so much you have stopped reading from the actual site in favor of your reader, because of my goodness, that is so 1995, please, help a sista out and tell me!  I will do what I can to fix it!

And if you are one of the chosen that grasps the mysteries of HTML and web design, HELP!  I know just enough to make myself look like an idiot!


  1. When/if I get my blog overhaul done (hopefully next month!!), I might have a bit of time to help you out! :-D

  2. hey thanks Ashley! Appreciate it!

  3. Yeah...I am not tech savvy at all :o(

    But tomorrow is the 29th of the month, and I am planning on posting about YOU GUYS!!!!!! That can be my contribution. I"ll mention your dilemma...maybe someone will contact you and help. Oh, and I"m stealing a picture of you from your blog. I'll take it down if you object.

  4. Liz, rather than focusing too much on how to enhance your blog (which I think looks pretty good), it might be better to ask yourself whether using just a blog meets your communication and promotion needs vs. having a web site that might include a blog (or integration somehow with this blog).

    Google provides Sites, which is a web site builder of sorts. There are other free web site builders, too. If you went that route, you might want to also buy a web domain, but that's often only about $10/year and would allow you to personalize the web site (e.g.

    I hope this helps!

  5. Dave! That does help! I will investigate that!

    And Jenney! What a great idea to blog about us on the 29th! And of course you can use a photo of us! Thanks! Someday, soon I hope, I want to create a button that people can put on their sites to show their support.

    Thanks guys!


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