Friday, March 26, 2010

An Uncollection

  • I think we are finally almost back to normal around here.  Boy, that only took 2 weeks! 
  • I was completely decieved by the theremoteter and the sunshine.  We went for a walk up to the office and it was cold!  Where did our nice warmth go?
  • Our tax refund came! We will be using some of that to pay for Noah's seminary classes the next two semesters.  Praise God!  And Noah said I could get a DSLR camera! Which is sort of like my class tuition, you know that whole, lifelong learner thing.  I love the camera I have, and we will keep that, but I have wanted one that I could have more control over for a long time now, so this morning, I took the plunge and ordered a Canon Rebel XS.  It should be here next week sometime.  I am rather excited about it, but I am trying to stay composed.  Hehe.
  • We have a birthday at our house next week...I should probably figure out what this year's cake is going to be.
  • And...I really thought there was something else to share, but it has slipped my mind.  Oh well. Happy Friday!


  1. A DSLR camera? WOW WOW WOW! That is so fun!!!!!

  2. yep! I am really really excited about it! I have such a sweet husband!

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  4. I'm jealous of your new camera! I would love a DSLR, but too many other "things" are more timely "needs" right now... maybe someday!

    Glad you're all feeling better. And I totally know about the sunshine and the cold - we went out yesterday thinking it was going to get nice and warm b/c it was SOOO sunny, but we froze!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  5. how fun to get an awesome new camera!! i've heard of using honey for coughs...did it work good for forrest? i had a hard time getting liberty to take honey once, too.


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