Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Arbor

At O dark 30, Noah and Dave Douglas pulled out of camp, headed down I 75 to spend the day at Spring Arbor University.  They will be talking with students today about giving a summer to work at Barakel. This is how I ended up spending the summer of 2001 counseling here. 

SAU was a significant place for Noah and I.  It's where we meet, and dated.  It's where we formed many of our ideas about life, God, and Community.  It's where we learned all about Art, English, Biology, and History.  It's where our education in education began, where we were taught Truths about God from dear people like Ron Kopiko, Dr. Daigle Williamson, and Professor Bippes.


So many wonderful hours were spent in the Dinning Commons, the lounges, the classrooms and labs.  Conversations after midnight with dear friends, that although separated by miles and years, still hold such important places in our hearts.  These were the people God used at that time in life to teach us and grow us to be more like Him.

The education we received was fantastic and set a foundation for all that we continue to learn.  I am so very thankful we had the opportunity to spend four amazing years at the Arbor.  What a place! 



  1. Ah the last picture...right outside of Muffitt :)

  2. Cool post - I'm really thankful for the time I had at the arbor too. (Even if it was only two years for me!) Very significant years in my life - and you guys were definitely a big part of that. BTW do you remember that guitar, and the little party in the basement of Muffit? Remember how you had to "assign" someone to keep an eye on me so I wouldn't just disappear? Still have the guitar, still play it. A lot of people have been blessed by that gift - and it's still giving. :) And you all were a huge blessing in my life. It's so cool to see in hindsight some of the things God was doing!

  3. So glad to know you are still using that guitar! How fun! Yes, amazing place that Spring Arbor! Glad we got to experience a little of it together! Remember running through the cemetery with Paula for ESS class?


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