Friday, October 9, 2009

Ox Cart Man

"In October he backed his ox into his cart
and he and his family filled it up
with everything they made or grew all year long
that was left over."

In all of his rummaging, Forrest happened upon this book again today. What a perfect story for reading snuggled next to a fire on a cold October day. Forrest is captivated by the illustrations and the rhythm of the words.

"He packed the bag of wool
he sheared from the sheep in April.

He packed a shawl his wife wove on a loom
from yarn spun at the spinning wheel
from sheep sheared in April."

It has a "Little House" feel to it, but short enough that a two year old can sit through most of it. And it makes me want to learn how to make maple syrup and cheese, and brooms. And maybe own an ox.

And then I am jolted back to reality. I can't even stay on top of the laundry. Who am I kidding?


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