Monday, October 19, 2009

It's Begining to Look a Lot Like Christmas

The lawn furniture and flower pots have been stowed away for their long hibernation. The leaves are falling, and things are being created in the Kamper household.

Lists are being made, the researching has begun, and plans are being drawn up. Today Noah was in the Carpenter's Shop working on a project for Elliot's birthday and I spent a fair amount of time working on this,

which will end up looking like this, only black. Unfortunately, the recipient will have to remain a mystery due to the fact he or she can read.

The gift cupboard is being added to on a constant basis, and yet I feel woefully behind. I think I was complete done with Christmas stuff at this point. As in made, wrapped, labeled, packed, the whole nine yards. Mainly because I had a baby coming at the beginning of November. And boy, was I glad! Like I could have done one more thing after Elliot's traumatic birth.

But not this year. And then Elliot's birthday snuck up on me. Well, not really, it's still three weeks away, but Noah will be in Honduras the whole week before, so that means he needs to get Elliot's gift done before then.

Well, enough of that, time to make dinner and knit a few more rows.

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