Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This has been rolling around in my head for a while. I am just going to say it. I hate competition.

There is nothing about it that motivates me, makes me want to do better, is fun or enjoyable. I don't like sports, either to play or watch, never have. I tolerate play an occasional game, not at all because of the competition, but because of the time I get to spend with those playing. But I really would rather sit and share a cup of coffee and conversation.

I've heard, "well, competition suppose to spur you on to be better."

Really? And what if it just makes me want to give up and cry? What if I already struggle with the whole "trying to be good enough" thing. How does making me feel worse about what I have accomplished spur on anyone? What about rejoicing in the victories of others, you know, like, "I got us all dressed today!" That is an accomplishment worthy of praise!

There are times when the competition thing comes, and it's one of those days, the ones that are more common than anyone will really talk about, where I feel like I don't measure up, that I don't have it all together. By someone telling me they can do "it" better, stronger, faster, brighter, taller, wider, with less time, energy and more obsticals, all that does is reinforce the wrong thinking of, "I am not good enough."

I don't always feel all of this. But let's be honest here, there are days when I listen to the wrong voice and believe that I am valuable because of what I do. I know that is NOT true. I am valuable because the God of the Universe says I am. And I am constantly doing what I can to listen to the Voice of Truth.

So, view me as weak and incapable, but there are days I struggle to keep us all eating and in our right minds around here. I am not competing with anyone. I am just trying to get us through the day. And I have a sneaking suspicion a lot more of us are like that than care to admit. So, let's rejoice in the little or not so little victories of others, you know, like getting the lunch dishes cleared before dinner!


  1. Well said, Liz! This is all very true. I'm very competitive by nature, which sometime I think re-inforces those feelings of inadequacy even more for me. I can turn things that are NOT a competition into one in my mind and dissapoint myself for my poor perfomance in a "contest" that never existed and in which no one was participating.
    I'm with you, let's celebrate the little things, the personal successes, the sweet sayings and scenarios of our kiddos, and not worry about what others may (or may not) think! :) Thanks for being so honest and making me stop and think this through--I can always use the reminder.

  2. so true! :) be the best you can be today, without comparing yourself to anyone else. i'm sure you'll be pleased.

  3. I am pretty competitive by nature, but I also LOVE to rejoice in the accomplishments of others. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who struggles to get the kids dressed or the dishes done, and it gives me hope that if they can do it, so can I! :)

  4. i'm with you...and celebrating the little things! heck, some days i'm just happy if the kids are fed and diapers are changed...even if we never changed out of our pajamas! :)


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