Monday, September 21, 2009

Bits and Pieces

Wow, I have been doing a lousy job of coming up with anything interesting...I promise our life isn't as disjointed as these last few posts.

Let's see...
There has been a whole lot of playing and training and knitting and studying around here.

Forrest seems to have hit a real period of testing and trying to whine, cry, defy his way out of things. Can I just say, it's exhausting. This was the part of having kids that scared and still scares me to death. So much is at stake here and to be constant day in and day out, wow.

Noah is back into the swing of classes this fall. He is about halfway through his first one. It's been good, but lots of reading.

I have been working on Christmas presents, so while I would love to show you some photos of the fun things I have been working on, it would totally give away gifts, so sorry. Just know they are fun.
Boy, that was boring as all get out. Sorry it wasn't anything more exciting. I think I might have hit writer's block. I promise, I will get over it.

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  1. Forrest is a cutie. I'll never forget our first meeting. Liz: Can you say hi to Miss Kelley? Forrest: No!
    Lol...Hang in does get easier! :)


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