Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Death of a Camera

Before Forrest was born, we had a camera that on a good day was ok. It was finicky, didn't have audio for the video feature, but it did what we needed it to do pre kid. As a baby gift, Noah's family got us this darling of a machine! Can I just say I love this thing. Not a day goes by without me using it's 12x zoom, the burst mode that takes multiple photos per shutter push, or the video feature. I love how I am starting to know what setting works best, and coming away with better and better photos.

Well, that all ended on Friday. I was at the Relief Sale. I dug in my bag to get a photo of this funny book I saw, and realized the shutter button had come off. I was able to make it work for that shot, but after that, it was kaput.

I got it home and both Noah and his dad looked it over thoroughly. The general consensus was, it needs to go in for repairs. BLLLAHHHHHHH.

And then I remembered. When the family bought the camera, they also bought the extended warrant on it. Maybe it was still covered?

I called the store, and indeed it is! Hurray! They told me they would either replace it or fix it, we just needed to bring it in. Which is a bit easier than it sounds, since that store is two hours away. But Noah's parents took it with them today and will be able to get it in some time this week. I am really hoping it will be back to us in time for our vacation in two weeks.

Before I packed it all up to send to Traverse City, I was able to get one last photo out of it by using an earring to press the shutter. Hey, this moment had to be captured!

So, if you notice the blog a bit sparse with photos over the next little bit, know that I am missing my trusty DSC H2 just as much as you.

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