Friday, August 21, 2009

Day 2

Today was so lovely. We woke up the sun shining off the lake into our bedroom window. It almost erased the memory of Elliot screaming all night long. We had a leisurely morning of naps, coffee, and hunting down a fishing license.

Then we headed to downtown Holly, to have a look around and see what we might see. We ate lunch at this cute little cafe.

It was then time to explored some of the most impressive antique shops I have ever seen.

This one was like an incredible maze of history. There was one section where all the kitchen supplies, probably from the 40's and 50's were arranged by color. I could barely contain myself at the red shelf.

Tonight both boys were in desperate need of baths. Can I just say, "I want this sink!" It is the perfect baby bathtub! Perfect. I don't usually like giving Elliot a bath because he splashes constantly and tries to crawl his way around the tub, army crawl style, not the best plan. But oh, this sink was wonderful! Too bad we can't take it home with us.

Noah is now out fishing, hoping to catch something. I am officially addicted to this porch, Elliot is quiet and Forrest is still fighting sleep. But I am out on the porch, so I can barely hear him. Can I take the porch with me too? Just the sink and the porch. Ok, and maybe the lake? The sink, the porch and the lake.


  1. What a super nice family time for you guys. I pray you are refreshed not only in family, but in ministry as well. A busy summer can take a toll on a person. :)

  2. you look so relaxed and refreshed. how nice! and where is the picture of this red kitchen space? my.. i would love it as well!

  3. Sounds like a great vacation! And that's a grea picture of you and Elliot at the end of the post. Enjoy the rest of your time. :)

  4. your last picture says it all.

    glad you're able to get away and become yourself again. :)

  5. Thanks guys! And Jenn, of course I would forget to get a photo of all the vintage red stuff!


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