Thursday, June 11, 2009


Come on, you knew this post was coming.

Today was jam day. We only did mine because Mom likes to wait and do her's when it's cold outside. I however, need an extra pair of hands or so, and so I did mine today.

All in all, I did 3 batches, so weird that you can make a double recipe with jam. Doesn't work. In fact the directions tell you not to. Oh, and I don't use a water bath for jam, just let it stand on its head for 5 minutes and then flip. Much easier.

Anyway, I will need to make more jam, but there is only so much strawberry one family can eat. My personal favorite is raspberry! Oh, it's the best! But raspberries don't come until later in the summer.

I think all of the jars have let lose their satisfying "POP," signifying the lids sealing...such a wonderful sound! A tradition that goes way back, at least to my childhood, is to let out a little cheer of joy when you hear the pop. It means that your work is not in vain and there will be summer to eat in the dead of winter. Can you tell which one is sealed and which isn't yet?

And they are all so pretty too!


  1. I love strawberry jam, but I'm with you on the raspberry. Just give me a spoon and I could eat it out of the jar.


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