Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fresas, Fresas, y Mas Fresas

Today is berry day! We called the local farm market where I worked when I was in junior high and high school to see if the berries were ready,and hurray they were! So we loaded up the kids as fast as we could, there was a fair amount of melting down on Forrest's part (ok, that would be understating it, but we are going to focus on the berries right now) and headed to the farm.

Mom and I picked as fast as we could and for the most part the kids entertained each other. Forrest probably ate a quart of berries by himself. Of course, he wanted to eat out of the picking bucket...not pick his own. Kids.

We walked away with about 50 pounds! We'll split that, making some of it into jam and some just freeze for smoothies, shortcake and a taste of summer come January.

So glad the picking is done, now time for the processing. Washing, hulling, bagging, jamming, canning. But the company will be great and with 4 hands and 2 brains we should get it done at least half as quick.

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