Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Alright...remember the posts about the zipline?

Well, here is what was accomplished yesterday.

These seemingly unimpressive cables took ALL day for the guys to install. Seriously. They (being the cables) mean that one of the five ziplines is that much closer to being functional.

The training and inspection of the zipline is set to happen in the next two weeks. It's going to be a race to finish on time. Jeremy has been hunting down the parts for months, and actually went to Reed City today to pick of some of the crucial pieces. Because of back orders and hard to find parts, the guys will be spending the rest of this week working like mad men to get the other 4 lines installed.

There are a lot of details that I don't understand, but apparently this piece of equipment is an important part of the process.

Oh, and while we were out checking on the progress yesterday, we had to have a quick sit on the tractor...


  1. where is this contraption at? snow valley, i assume? hmmm.. i have to say i don't think i could do that. i'm terrified of heights, so yeah, i'm glad that i'm not a counselor. :) i'm guessing the goal is to have this done in time for workshop at some point?
    who are they training to run it?

  2. wow.. workshop, that's in like 5 days!

  3. Yep, the tower is at look out point and the lines go the entire width of Snow Valley, ending kind of over by the ice rinks. I think it's something like 950 feet long! So very fun!

  4. My husband would LOVE that thing.


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