Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, we haven't been too good at cooking things around here lately. By we, I mostly mean me.

Since Monday, we (I) have burnt a tortilla in the microwave, veggies I was boiling for dinner, and a whole 2 pounds of black beans I was cooking for dinner tonight.

Yah, I didn't know you could burn beans...but I managed it, and let me just tell smells AWFUL! Think burnt popcorn, a horse barn, and something I can't even put my finger on.

So, all the beans got thrown out, and I didn't have any more black, so instead we will have red beans tonight. Forrest has been begging for rice and beans. In fact, the other night, he said he wanted rice, and I said, "with what?" And he looked at me like, "duh!" and then said "beans."

Too bad I can't seem to cook this week.

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  1. Could have told you about the beans. Been there, smelled that.

    Better luck next time... :P

    BTW, my verification word is "kidistia," which sounds like a really really good name for some sort of children's park or ride or magical land you can only get to through a china cabinet.


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